Stainless Lobster Fridge Optimizer


Intelligently monitor and control the fridge in your boat, truck or RV.


Never Need to Defrost Again

Automatically defrosts your fridge at intervals set by you.

Precise Temperature Control

Automatically keeps your fridge within a set temperature range.

No Tools Required

No-tools-required installation with our simple step-by-step guide.

2 Year Warranty

We’ve got you covered with a 2 year limited warranty against any internal defects.

Reduce Energy Consumption

Up to 15% less by intelligently adjusting the fridge compressor using an advanced Micro Controller.


Compatible with air or water cooled Danfoss and Secop powered refrigeration systems of both cold plate and holding plate design.


Reduced Energy Consumption

Degrees of Accuracy

Year Warranty

“Stainless Lobster’s fridge optimizer made our unit frost free as well as let us carefully track, monitor and adjust power consumption. We love the product, since we frequently had to defrost our freezer/refrigerator.”


m/v Sojourner

“I have been using the fridge optimizer¬† for over a year now with 100% success and satisfaction. It has revived my old fridge and simplified our lives as liveaboards. We no longer have any issues of temperature being too cold or warm and have had ZERO issues with the product.”


s/v Nahoa

“Not only does the fridge optimizer completely eliminate the need for regular defrosts, (which were very time consuming) it also provides invaluable information about our fridge¬† and allows us to easily control it, first-hand. We absolutely love this product!”


s/v Bloom

Stainless Lobster specializes in creative marine products utilizing the latest technology to enhance your boating lifestyle.

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