About Us

Stainless Lobster began, like most innovative companies, with a problem to solve and a whole lot of curiosity. Avid cruisers Annika and Arvid Elias applied their 15+ years of software and embedded systems experience to solving an issue that plagues boaters all over the world; inefficient marine refrigerators.

Since launching in January 2016 at the Seattle boat show, Stainless Lobster garnered a legion of loyal customers that paid the highest compliment possible; the world-of-mouth sale to boating friends and family everywhere. Arvid and Annika are thankful for the enormous support their Stainless Lobster Fridge Optimizer has received.

In 2017, Eric Graham founded Egis Mobile Electric, based on more than 15 years of experience in the marine and mobile electric industries. He quickly saw the potential of the Fridge Optimizer, and reached out to Annika and Arvid and shared his passion for boating and his vision. Together, they all dreamed about eliminating food spoilage in remote, pristine anchorages, and eliminating the need to run engines and generators strictly to keep power-hungry refrigerators running.

Out of this shared passion and vision, Egis Mobile Electric acquired Stainless Lobster in 2018 to carry on the legacy of taking some of the worry and hassle out of cruising. Egis Mobile Electric will continue Stainless Lobster’s tradition of innovative marine products, manufactured locally in Bellingham, WA with environmentally friendly materials.

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