Picture this:
It is Christmas in Florida, and you have cooked too much good food so you have left overs. You keep the cookies in the fridge to keep them from melting, and you have had family staying over (sneaking cookies out of the fridge at all hours of the day). The weather has been amazing, and everyone has had a great holiday.

All that extra moisture in the fridge has caused the cold plate to frost up earlier than usual, so now the fridge is running less efficiently. What used to be a good defrost interval for regular day-to-day usage might not keep up. If you have a temporary change in usage you can start a one time defrost cycle. This will run once and then reset the timer for the regular schedule.

  1. Go the the ‘Settings’ page
  2. ChangeĀ “defrost every” to 000h
  3. Wait about 20s to ensure the Fridge Optimizer starts the new defrost cycle. You can tell by switching to the ‘Main’ page and check compressor status, or check that the fan is running but the compressor is turned off.
  4. Change the defrost interval back to your previous value. This last step is to ensure the system starts again and doesn’t go into defrost mode forever. Note: You do this right after step 3. No need to wait for the defrost to end!

If the cold plate frosts up regularly, we recommend you change the interval and length instead of kicking off a one time run. Read more about it in the User Guide.

We wish you a happy 2017 and beyond!
The Stainless Lobster Crew



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