Bellingham, WA – July 1, 2018 – Egis Mobile Electric LLC announces the acquisition of Stainless Lobster LLC. This strategic acquisition will expand Egis Mobile Electric’s product offerings to customers in marine markets and other mobile electric applications.  Based in Seattle, WA, Stainless Lobster’s marine Fridge Optimizer increases the efficiency of marine refrigerators which significantly reduces energy consumption.  Stainless Lobster has earned an excellent reputation and gained a loyal following for sleek design and environmentally friendly manufacturing processes.

Stainless Lobster co-founder, Annika Elias, stated, “The Egis Mobile Electric team has a genuine passion for boating and a breadth of experience meeting the needs of cruisers.  Arvid and I felt that their passion combined with their engineering and marketing prowess would take the Fridge Optimizer into boats all over the world.” Arvid Elias added, “We have every confidence in the Egis Mobile Electric team to support our customers with the fantastic service they have come to expect.  This partnership has been a great mutual meeting of minds, and we’re all excited about the future of the Fridge Optimizer. ”

Eric Graham, Egis Mobile Electric President and CEO noted, “Since its inception in 2016, Stainless Lobster has tackled the inefficiency of mobile (marine, RV, etc.) refrigerators, which is often the largest draw on battery banks.  Egis Mobile Electric is very excited about Stainless Lobster’s practical approach to solving this real-world issue with innovative design in a sleek package.”  Mr. Graham added “Stainless Lobster’s commitment to green manufacturing processes echoed Egis Mobile Electric’s desire to source, where possible, sustainable materials and local manufacturing.”

About Egis Mobile Electric:

Egis Mobile Electric is dedicated to protecting the most critical and vulnerable aspects of our customers’ mobile electrical systems by developing and delivering electrical products and system solutions for customers who demand the highest quality and reliability to meet stringent up-time requirements and where consequences of failure are far greater than a simple inconvenience.

Located in Bellingham, Washington. Egis Mobile Electric was founded in 2017 by Eric Graham who earlier served in senior leadership roles with Blue Sea Systems, Terra Power Systems, and Littelfuse. Our leadership and product teams have decades of experience bringing world-class approaches to real-world challenges that involve electrical distribution, control, and circuit protection. Egis Mobile Electric focuses its product solutions on demanding, harsh environment markets including marine, emergency vehicles, work trucks, recreational vehicles, and coach/busses.

About Stainless Lobster LLC:

Stainless Lobster is a family owned and operated company located in Seattle WA, USA. All our products are designed and manufactured locally out of environmentally friendly materials.

The Fridge Optimizer is inspired by our own and other cruisers’ problematic experiences with fridges onboard; the largest power consumer. We applied 15+ years of experience in the software and embedded industry, to develop a solution for the boating and cruising community.

Egis Mobile Electric and Stainless Lobster teams celebrate the acquisition!

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