Intelligently monitor and control the fridge in your boat, truck or RV.

Stainless Lobster Fridge Optimizer

What is the fridge optimizer?

The Stainless Lobster fridge optimizer is a palm-sized controller unit that connects to your fridge, and optimizes it by:

Automatically defrosting your fridge.

Providing exact temperature control.

Reducing energy consumption by up to 15%.

Eliminating hot and cold spots within your fridge.

How it Works

Learn how our fridge optimizer enhances your fridge

stainless-lobster-fridge-optimizerThe heart (brain?) of the Fridge Optimizer is the low power, but very advanced, 8-bit Atmega 328p MicroController Unit, also known as MCU or “Computer on a chip”. The MCU is responsible for monitoring the system and adjusting the compressor and cooling fans based on sensor readings and proprietary algorithms. The MCU also continuously stores and displays real time and historical energy and humidity data. This data shows how much power is being used and if there’s a need to top up coolant or if there’s an issue with the insulation (for example a dirty or worn out fridge door seal). The software running in the Fridge Controller head unit can be upgraded by connecting a PC to the head unit via a USB cable**.

Fridge Optimizer Details

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Complete control at your fingertips.

The Fridge Optimizer’s overview screen gives you an easy, at-a-glance look at what your fridge is doing. It displays the current temperature, the temperature range that you have set, as well as the compressor run status and power status. This head unit can either be flush-mounted on a wall or cabinet, or surface-mounted  via the included stand with 3M holding power. Hover your mouse over the various screens of the Optimizer below to view their features!


  • DC and AC powered Danfoss and Secop powered marine and RV fridges and freezers (BD35, BD50F and BD80F compressors)
  • Compatible with cold plate and holding plate designs
  • Compatible with both air cooled and water cooled refrigeration systems

Easy Installation

No tools required! Can be mounted on a flat surface next to the compressor or, on a table or flush mounted anywhere within 30ft* of the fridge.

Optional Ventilation

The Fridge Controller comes with an additional temperature controlled 12V fan output. This is meant to control an optional compressor room fan (sold separately) that we recommend in tropical climates and/or when you wish to take full advantage of the boost mode as Secop recommends a separate fan when running the compressor at higher speeds. We sell a quiet and LED lit 120mm fan that we have tested but any off the shelf 12V 0.25A computer fan can be used.

Advanced Thermostat

The Advanced Thermostat in your Fridge Optimizer lets you adjust when the fridge or freezer  should turn on and  off. The highly sensitive digitally controller ( +-0.01 degrees accuracy) in combination with the separate on and off values makes it both more very flexible and more efficient when compared to conventional analog thermostats. The Advanced Thermostat has a built in low power fan that is responsible for evening out the temperature in the refrigerated compartment by circulating the air within. The fan is also used during the defrost cycles to remove condensation from the cold plate / holding plate and thus preventing frost build up.

Easily Serviced

The Fridge Controller was developed and built by experienced cruisers and is therefore very easy to service. All cables and the optional compressor room fan can be replaced with parts commonly found in local electronics stores. We recommend using the accessories we sell as we have tested many different brands before settling on the specific models, but fully understand that receiving things in remote locations can be… complicated. We therefore do not limit our support and warranty to just our stock setup. We just ask that you bear in mind that the $1 30ft cable you found on Ebay may not have the same quality as those we recommend and supply. We welcome any questions prior or after install!

Boost Mode

The Fridge Optimizer is able to automatically regulate the compressor speed and temperature based on if you’re using the batteries or are plugged into shore power / charging with solar panels or running the engine. This feature helps extend your battery bank and store additional energy in your holding plate.

2 Year Limited Warranty

We strongly believe in the quality of our product and therefore offer a 2 year limited warranty against any internal defects. The warranty is limited to the Fridge Optimizer product itself. A receipt (or copy of receipt) from the place of purchase must be included in any warranty claims. Replacement parts may be refurbished. Units in need of service will need to be sent to the Stainless Lobster HQ at your expense. We will cover the return shipping!

“A fabulously innovative product! Not only does the fridge optimizer completely eliminate the need for regular defrosts, (which were very time consuming) it also provides invaluable information about our fridge  and allows us to easily control it, first-hand, while also saving precious energy. The team at Stainless Lobster gave us great service and were extremely helpful!  We absolutely love this product and can’t wait to see what Stainless Lobster comes up with next!”


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frequently asked questions about the Fridge Optimizer

Will the Fridge Optimizer work on my freezer too?

Yes and no. The super accurate temperature control and dynamic boost options will work but the automatic defrost function will not since it's only designed for refrigerators.

Will the Fridge Optimizer work on a fridge/freezer combo unit too?

Yes, but it will not defrost the freezer section.

Can I use the Fridge Optimizer in my RV/truck/portable Fridge?

Absolutely! As long as the refrigeration system is powered by a Danfoss or Secop compressor with one of the following controllers: DC ONLY: 101N0210, 101N0320, 101N0400, 101N0410,  010-1153.  AC & DC: 101N0500, 101N0600 and 101N0630.

Is the Fridge Optimizer compatible with a fridge with a holding plate/cold plate/water cooled/air cooled system?

Yes it is! The settings can be used to optimize the controller for your specific system. For example, when connected to a system with a holding plate you may want to both run the compressor at a higher RPM and lower the temperature 3 degrees F when you have an abundance of power.

Can I use the existing Fridge Optimizer with my boat/RV fridge or freezer even though it’s not a model listed as compatible?

We can’t guarantee it will work with other refrigeration systems (lawsuit disclaimer) but here’s some information that will let you make the decision yourself: The Fridge Optimizer has a number of inputs and outputs that can be used together with other refrigeration systems. The thermostat circuit is isolated through relays and can close any circuit with a load smaller than 1A. What we have seen customers successfully do is connect the “Battery +” and “Battery –“ to 12 or 24V DC and then replace their existing thermostat with the thermostat in and out connections of the Fridge Optimizer. See drawing for connections. Please note that the boost RPM option and the diagnostics LED are unique to Danfoss/Secop compressors and will not work with other brands. Full size image.

connections diagram


When the fridge is defrosting, what should I do with the water?

The process of defrosting is turning the frost that has built up on the coldplate/holding plate/evaporator into water. To minimize new frost build up and to avoid wet groceries, you should remove this water. ​​If your system has a drain, we recommend leading the water to the drain so it can drip out instead of accumulating. For a closed system we recommend a placing a sponge under the evaporator. This collects the water in once place. Squeeze it out over the sink now and then to keep it absorbant.

Technical Specifications

the details on the Fridge Optimizer

Specs Details
Nominal Voltage 12/24 V DC
Operating Voltage Range 10.8 – 28.8 V DC
Power Consumption 240mW
Fan Power Consumption 2W
Mounting Options Free standing or flush mount
Screen Resolution 128*160 pixels 262K colors
Physical Dimensions 2.2” x 3.3” x 1.2” (56.5mm x 85.00mm x 30.5mm)
Box Dimensions 4.7” x 4.2’ x 4.2” (120mm x 110mm x 110mm)
Box Weight 12.1oz (343gr)

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