At Stainless Lobster we appreciate to hear from you all regarding how the system works for you and if there are any improvements you’d like to see! Thanks for getting in touch with us! Based on this we added new functionality and made some changes.

Download the new firmware here.

Ability to set a permanent high compressor speed separate from “Boost mode”

Currently you can set boost mode when the unit detects that batteries are being charged. This runs the compressor at a higher RPM, thus cooling down the box quicker. This uses more power than lower RPMs, but if you have excess power you can use it to lower the temperature faster so the system doesn’t need to run as soon after the sun is hiding in the clouds.

The change is adding the option of always running it at higher speed. This allows you to use a smaller compressor in a larger box and still maintain the temperature. This may in some cases use more power than changing to a larger compressor, but on a boat you want to be able to use what you already have, right?

Display dynamic temp settings on Main screen

This change visualizes when the fridge is trying to reach cooler temperatures than regular settings, as set with the “Reduce temp” settings. We recommend to set this to 1F to 2F or 1C. Similar to boost mode, it uses excess power while batteries are charged. By reducing the temperature you can store the extra energy in the form of colder food, so the compressor doesn’t need to start up as soon.

Logic changes
In addition to the new functionality above we have tweaked some of the existing functionality based on feedback from you!

  • Boost RPM and Boost temperature reduction are both temporarily locked at start of a compressor cycle and will remain the same throughout the cycle.
    This prevents fluctuating compressor speeds and temperatures as a result of changing voltage levels that are impacted by starting and running the compressor. This is most noticeable in systems with thinner and longer power cables.
  • The compressor runtime percentage indicator now reflects the most recent 24h. The earlier versions showed a total system runtime percentage gathered since the system was turned on.
  • UI changes on settings screen and power usage screen to add clarity.

Thank you for the feedback that lead to these changes!

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