Happy New Year!

We’ve been busy over the holidays, testing the new functionality and stomping on bugs that often accompany new features.
If you have a SignalK installation and want to remotely monitor your fridge/freezer you can now do so with your Fridge Optimizer!
The new version contains changes that will output data over a USB cable connected to the mini-USB interface on the left side of your Fridge Optimizer. The firmware update comes in the form of a .hex file that is compatible with the update tool we released earlier. Head over to the download page and download the update tool, device driver files (if needed) and the firmware file to a PC (sorry, no MAC support) and then connect the Fridge Optimizer via a mini USB cable and upload!
If you’re updating from a 4.2.x.x release all your previous user settings will be preserved (you’re welcome!)

Many thanks to the work of our Signal-K friends, Scott Bender, Steve Mitchell and Kai Curry, for all their work on the gateway software and testing the firmware!

We can now proudly say that the Fridge Optimizer officially can talk to Signal-K gateways!
The required node server plugin has been published on the SignalK Node Server App Store. If you want to take a peek at the software it’s also published on Github (Please thank Scott Bender for his hard work if you enjoy the software!)  https://github.com/sbender9/signalk-stainless-lobster-fridge

Screenshot from Grafana via influxdb (credit: Scott Bender)



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